Tuesday, September 16, 2014

National Shaming

Usually I would be the first to defend our club when the national media would hurl criticisms, yet I can only find myself nodding with approval at the headlines I have seen since out disastrous performance at Southampton.

I am a big fan of Skysports Monday night Football and found their dissection of our performance brutal, but very honest. Neville & Carragher hit the nail on the head and said what many other journalist will not. They did not hold back and if anyone from NUFC heard this then they understand this represents what the majority of fans feel.

Carragher said: “There’s lots of talk of Alan Pardew losing his job. Forget Alan Pardew for a minute, some of those players are a disgrace.
“We’re not talking about an end-of-season game, which still isn’t acceptable, but this is four or five games into a season.
“I played against a lot of these players towards the end of my time at Liverpool. We beat them 6-0 at St James’ Park and the performance was shocking.
“You think of a club like Newcastle, a working-class club and the fans go there. You want to see great players do great things, score goals and win games – but you want to see a bit of graft, heart and intensity.
For Newcastle to be seeing that for the last few years is a disgrace.”
And he fears there could be another hostile reception when Newcastle host Hull in the Premier League on Saturday
Carragher added: “Alan Pardew said after the game that the reaction of the supporters didn’t help what was going on out on the pitch. That was just an away section – probably 2,000 or 3,000 of them.
“I would never advocate a manager losing his job. I’ve never been one and I don’t know how tough it is, but can you imagine 50,000 people with banners screaming for Alan Pardew to go?
“Whether you agree with it or not, I’ve said before with managers – David Moyes last season and Roy Hodgson at Liverpool – it becomes untenable.
“To lose your job after four or five games is ludicrous, but he’s on a poor run from January when they lost Yohan Cabaye and we all felt for him then.
“If that carries on, those supporters have turned so far that it might become untenable.”
While is is not great to hear your clubs name be dragged through the mud live on TV - maybe, just maybe this is what is needed for Mike Ashley to take notice of the problems we are facing. Yes well all know he is the biggest problem, however Alan Pardew must be the fall guy.

Monday, September 15, 2014

5 major NUFC concerns

1. Mike Williamson had a nightmare, he has had many yet is still selected. For me his a defensive version of Shola - 1 good game ever once in a while & people think he is Bobby Moore. He is Championship standard at best. Meanwhile Mapou Yanga Mbiwa is now playing for Roma....

2. Coloccini is past it - both physically & mentally. He doesn't want to be here & his is not capable of leading our defense. Ever since these personal issues & the wanting to go back to Argentina he has been missing. How dare he be a part of the Ben Arfa witch hunt when he is showing zero heart for the club right now. Thanks for the service Colo but its time to move on.

3. Riviere will never be a line leading forward in the Premier league - yes he is isolated, however he has shown zero positive signs to give us a glimmer of hope.

4. The players appear to have little concern that their manager is under real pressure. Are these players fighting for Pardew? do they care that he is on the chopping block. To use the old footballing term Pardew appears to have lost the players & the dressing room.

5. Pardew has to go. Saturday was diabolical and these should be no way back for the manager. He showed signs of a beaten man after the match, yet during the match did nothing to rally his troops. He feared approaching the touchline as he did  not want to face the jeering Toon Army - well Alan imagine the toxic atmosphere you will face at SJP if you are still in charge this weekend. Will Pardew walk away? no chance. Will Ashley fire him? Well in the opinion of almost every fan, journo, & ex-player -Yes. Unfortunately only one man makes this decision.

Friday, September 12, 2014

NUFC sale

Along with the rest of the NUFC fans around the world I was thrilled to see news that Mike Ashley may sell NUFC appear in this weeks media, however this was followed by the release of a club statement denying any potential sale.

A Toon statement read: “The truth is Mike Ashley remains committed to Newcastle United.
“For the avoidance of doubt, this means that for the remainder of this season and AT LEAST until the end of next season, Mike Ashley will not, under any circumstances, sell Newcastle United at any price.
“The Club cannot be stronger in stating its position on this matter.”

Now we all will see this as a kick in the teeth - many of of may have expected this simply because we are not used to good NUFC news. We have been through the mill so many times that until we see Mike Ashley leave Tyneside with our own eyes we will not believe it.

One interesting and potentially pivotal point I picked up from the statement is that the club state that "Until the end of next season" This interests me as that is when Glasgow Rangers could potentially be back in the Champions League.
We have all know the Ashley already owns a percentage of the Scottish giants, however there is little money to be made from them until they return to the Scottish Premier league & European football. Ashley will be excited by a full house at Ibrox and the Champions league cash cow.

Can we read between the lines of this latest club statement and pin our hopes on a potential end to the Mike Ashley era? I certainly hope so.

Come on Rangers!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

HBA: A different perspective

 My pal Ross was featured on radio Newcasltes football phone in last week where he shared a different perspective on the whole Ben Arfa & Pardew situation. I wanted to share his thoughts so here you go.

After burning rage on Monday night watchin deadline day, I have changed to merely simmering discontent after listening to same balanced Ben Arfa debate on here last night.

My experience of closely observing international level sportsmen in my athletics club is that an athlete's performance is 90% down to the athlete themselves & only 10% to the coach, maybe even less. 

Although brilliant, I think Ben Arfa should therefore take this proportion of the blame for his own demise.

However, Pardew had made his point strongly & could have accepted him back whilst still looking like the boss. By forcing him out, Pardew has missed a massive opportunity to win back favour & has again let his vindictive, stubborn & brash side take him to new lows of popularity with the fans. It's this attitude and behaviour rather than his actual ability to coach the players that has left him almost universally unpopular with fans.

Please David Moyes or Eddie Howe, come & save us.


Dr Ross Thomas Floyd
Howay The Toon!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Our next manager is....

So inevitably after a frustrating end to the transfer window coupled with a struggling start to the season the pressure is stacked once again on Alan Pardew.

After HBA and M'biwa left the club late on Monday evening with no replacements arriving the level of frustration and anger went up a level on Tyneside. 

NUFC had the opportunity to build bridges with the fans and it did appear during the summer they were making an effort in improving with the squad. Signings like Cabella, De Jong, and Jannmat excited the Toon Army. However we all know we are at least 2 quality players short and are only 1 injury away from a defensive crisis.

Alan Pardew has never been Mr popular on Tyneside and now I really believe there is no way back for him in the eyes of the fans. His decision making is poor, his communication is weak and we cannot trust a word he says. I fully expect the return of the toxic atmosphere which we experienced at SJP last season.

This week the Independent newspaper ran the story at AP has 2 games to save his job. Next up we play Southampton away & Hull at home - both games we lost last year. So if the Independent is to be believed - and they usually are, then the chances of Mike Ashley firing his manager have to be high. 

With this in mind I wanted to look at who I realistically feel could replace AP at St James Park.  

Lets start with Tony Pulis. I have never been a fan of Pulis although any football fan has to give him credit for the job he did at Crystal Palace last season. However prior to that lets not forget the awful brand of football he created at Stoke City. Yes he kept then in the league for many years, but we need to be aiming higher than survival football. I would rather than Big Sam back than Pulis. 

The attraction for Mike Ashley will be that Pulis is current without a club so not compensation would be due, however Pulis walked away from Palace due to a interfering chairman so I could not see him working under the Ashley regime.
Also I cannot respect a manager who wears an awful club shop cap on the sideline!

David Moyes - After his short spell at Man Utd I think Moyes would jump at the chance to manage NUFC. He did a cracking job at Everton with a small squad, and a tight chairman - exactly what we have. He cultivated a great team unity and spirit which enabled him to get the best out of his team who regularly overachieved. Moyes would take no nonsense and could be trusted to run the club from top to bottom. I believe Ashley has tried to recruit Moyes in the past and I really hope he will return for Scotsman if AP is shown the door.

Frank De Boer - The Dutch legend is currently managing Ajax who he has lead to numerous league championships. You might ask 'Why on earth would he leave Ajax to come to NUFC' well for the same reason we signed the Ajax captain Siem De Jong. This being that the Dutch league is nothing compared to the Premiership where everyone wants to work. We did get a small mention from De Boer back when he was linked with the Tottenham job  “I see opportunities at Tottenham Hotspur, just as Liverpool and Newcastle, they are sleeping giants". Well realistically none of the top jobs are going to be available any time so soon De Boer may well see us as his best opportunity to lead a Premiership team.

I also wanted to give a noticeable mention to Lee Clark & Peter Beardsley - both are NUFC legends who would pour their heart and soul into the club - but for me this not enough anymore. These two Geordies would be popular appointments who would get the backing of the fans - Lovely lads, just not top managers.

A surprise candidate could well be Glenn Hoddle. We all know Ashley is a Spurs fan so appointing a Spurs legend with a solid managerial background cannot be ruled out.

For me Moyes is the obvious choice followed closely by the impressive De Boer. One thing for sure Alan Pardew's days on Tyneside must be numbered. 

De Boer to follow De Jong to St James?

Happier times for Moyes

De Jong blow

You really cannot make this stuff up - Summer signing Siem De Jong has picked up a injury which will keep him out till Christmas.

This leaves NUFC without a player who is key the way in which AP wants us to play. Of course the irony of this all is that AP just let HBA leave on loan - the player in our squad who could replace De Jong in the number 10 role.

In the 2 games he has already missed due to injury it was obvious his link up play between the midfielder and forward was missing - Riviere was so isolated.

Just where the goals are going to come from in this team worries me. This De Jong injury just further emphasizes how weak our squad is.

AP needs a win badly or by the time he returns from injury De Jong could find himself playing for a new manager.

De Jong injury: Big blow

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pardew out on Loan?

While i would never call myself a Pardew sympathizer I would say I have always had a clear understanding that he is simply a puppet controlled by LC and MA - however after the shocking transfer dealings yesterday I am done with AP and want him as far as possible away from St James.

LC & MA are ruthless business men who will see the transfers of Ben Arfa and Yanga-Mbiwa simply as a way of shifting big earners off the wage bill - Pardew however is supposed to be a football man and therefore like all us fans he must know we needed a forward & a centre half in during this window. For the club not to bring in these players is worrying, but for us to them loan out two quality players is shocking. The mis-management at our club is nothing short of a disgrace.

My frustration & anger is turning to Pardew as it is becoming ever clearer that his is happy to align himself to MA and LC - he seems to have no problem with how our club is being ran. If he wanted two players in why not come out and tell us he was let down. If he didn't want to get rid of Ben Arfa or M'biwa then tell us - this would at least gain him some credibility with the fans. I understand not wanting to ruffle and feathers and not speaking out against your boss - however there is a line where your own morals and character have to come first. Can Alan Pardew honestly say he approves of the way our club is being ran?

Just a few weeks ago when we bought two promising youngsters from Nottingham Forest I remember Stuart Pearce sitting in front t of a Skysports camera stating these two players had been sold behind his back and that we did not agree with the sales at all. Peace kept his job and has had cracking start to the season. What chance Pardew makes a similar statement in the coming days? No chance - men like Stuart Pearce are cut from a different cloth to Alan Pardew.

Of course the irony of it all is that there is every chance both HBA & MYM will go onto to have great seasons at Hull & Roma which will only heap more pressure on AP. I wish them all the best and am sure they will flurish under new managers. MYM has made a great move to the top of Serie A and the Champions league....yet he is no better than Mike Williamson eh Alan??

On the field we are weaker than we were at this time last year and I can only see us continuing the for we showed during the second half of last season. Off the field I can see the toxic atmosphere returning to the stands. Obviously this helps no one- but the club have brought this onto themselves and Pardew will bare the brunt of the Toon Army's frustration.

After a summer where we could all finally share in some optimism, a fresh start, and a new NUFC -we have been brought back down to earth with a bump realising it will be another poor season full of disappointments.

Happy now AP?